Retail Tenants Increase Profit by Aligning CRE Operations & Objectives

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April 18, 2014
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Retail Tenants Increase Profit by Aligning CRE Operations & Objectives

The way retail tenants manage real estate directly affects profitability and overall success of company objectives. The enormity of the capital you invest in real estate demands complete visibility into critical real estate information so you can make the best decisions in a timely manner.

CoStar Real Estate Manager can help you make positive decisions based on complete and accurate information that measures your entire portfolio. You’ll be able to eliminate information silos and increase collaboration between teams as you learn you can rely on a single source of trustworthy data that drives initiatives related to real estate strategy execution.

Make real estate a real advantage

Excel in these five, key focus areas to strategically align your real estate initiatives with company goals and significantly contribute to the overall success of your company.

1. Conduct strategic planning

Organization-wide access to the complex information needed to effectively monitor store performance and drive strategy execution from a real estate perspective can:

  • Provide all stakeholders visibility into critical information that drives the business
  • Enable quick, confident decisions that support strategic goals
  • Establish store strategies based on performance and real estate alternatives
  • Establish goals and track actual performance by centers, stores, brands, regions or markets

CoStar Real Estate Manager, including its powerful strategy and analytics module, provides you with better business intelligence, efficiently consolidating market and competitor information, lease and store performance indicators into one central system that empowers users at all levels of the organization to make better and faster decisions that drive success.

2. Open new stores

When retail companies are focused on opening stores, three real estate strategies must be established to directly support the company objectives: 1) drive additional sources of income and store profit margins, 2) open new markets, and 3) increase coverage in existing markets.

Whether it’s leveraging market comparison information to facilitate site selection or using existing store performance data to build revenue expectations, ready access to accurate and complete business intelligence can:

  • Better manage the process that ensure new stores are opened in the right markets, centers and with the right deal terms
  • Meet or exceed target dates for opening new stores
  • Meet budget and new store sales goals
  • Prevent costly construction and lease negotiation mistakes

CoStar Real Estate Manager delivers the portfolio, market and competitive information you need to identify appropriate market expansion moves.

3. Manage real estate operations

To gain world-class levels of real estate operation efficiency, you need to establish strategies for: 1) reducing real estate costs, 2) effectively managing leases, and 3) managing landlord and developer relationships.

With CoStar Real Estate Manager, access to critical real estate data is accurate and readily available, providing you with the business metrics necessary to keep strategies on track.

4. Optimize Portfolio

When it comes to a retailer’s real estate portfolio, the ability to analyze performance and set real estate strategy on a store-by-store, market-by-market basis can be the critical factor needed to: 1) maximize margins and profits, 2) create an actionable business plan for each and every store, and 3) actively manage strategy execution.

To develop optimization strategies, you need to understand lease agreement options, store history and productivity data, and demographics that collectively contribute to a retailer being successful at creating strategies for under-performing stores, identifying profitable stores, managing execution of store strategies and allocating capital effectively.

By integrating and providing store-by-store comparison in a single place, CoStar Real Estate Manager can help retailers develop alternative strategic options to ensure their portfolio is optimized.

5. Results

Real estate performance is measured at multiple levels and from different perspectives across the organization. The common thread is completeness, accuracy and timeliness of critical information surrounding real estate assets and store profitability.

CoStar Real Estate Manager provides retailers with a complete, up-to-date and accurate view of real estate asset performance. You gain the ability for real estate professionals to report results that enable preemptive strategy and initiatives corrections to drive continued improvements throughout your organization.