CoStar Technology Works Well
with Others

With so many other lease management platforms, you're on your own when something breaks. But the CoStar Real Estate Manager team proactively monitors connectivity and integrations and fixes issues before you even know it. 

You'll have peace of mind, thanks to the platform's guaranteed uptime. And integrations offer seamless connection with ERP and other business systems.

With CoStar, you'll have a partner long after onboarding. 

Integrations & Technology at CoStar

1,100 System Integrations and Counting

Does the thought of integrating a new solution make you tense? With CoStar Real Estate Manager, you can unclench that jaw.  

When the consulting team handles your integrations, you are guaranteed seamless functionality with your ERP and accounting systems to enable financial reporting, rent payments and more.  You're assigned a dedicated rep to make the process as smooth as possible.  

Whether you have a complex enterprise with large, diverse portfolios or need a pre-configured, rapidly deployed solution, we have you covered.   

We Won't Disappear After You Sign the Contract

About us integrations technology - security


Integrations with CoStar software ensure seamless functionality with ERP and accounting systems that enable financial reporting, rent payments and more.

About us integrations technology - integrations


From the physical security of our servers to the network and application security of our products and our quarterly SOC audits, you can trust that your data is safe with CoStar. 

About us integrations technology - lease data services

Lease Data Services

Our lease data services team helps customers achieve confidence in the completeness and accuracy of critical lease information.

Transactions platform flexibility


Experienced implementation consulting services ensure successful projects, rapid time-to-value and application updates as business needs change.

Sleep Better at Night with CoStar Audits + Controls 

Enterprise customers demand enterprise-class auditability, controls and security measures. CoStar Real Estate Manager is proud to provide them. 

Four times a year, CoStar undergoes SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits. Our internal processes, procedures and controls are painstakingly reviewed. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their information is in the most secured system available. 

Internally, we consistently scan the app and infrastructure. The to-do list includes penetration testing, vulnerability scans, uptime testing and accessibility verification. 

For tightly-regulated industries, you need a tightly-regulated platform. 

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