Protect Your Portfolio with ESG Reporting

ESG requirements are coming. The good news is, ESG reporting keeps you in compliance and helps mitigate risk.  

That's why choosing the right ESG reporting solution — to assess your portfolio's impact on the environment and the environment's impact on your portfolio — is so important.  

The CoStar lease administration platform arms you with relevant ESG data. It also sets targets, establishes KPIs, measures progress and protects your locations. 

We could all use a little protection, couldn't we?

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A Safe Place for Data

With CoStar Real Estate Manager, you can capture ESG data with precision and organization. Keep track of the details involved in facilities attributes and risks, carbon accounting and ESG reporting. 

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A Name You Trust

If you're in commercial real estate, you already know that CoStar is the last word in market data. Now, your ESG intel is secured and verified by the most comprehensive platform for CRE information and analytics. 

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The Tool You Need

ESG reporting requires the same analytical skills needed for lease accounting. You must collect high-quality, auditable ESG data. You need a carbon subledger integrated into your lease management solution. 

What do I do with all of this ESG data?

Watch the webinar to see exactly how CoStar can help you manage data capture.

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