Accounting Teams: Be Ready for Anything

Be ready for whatever lease changes come your way. Whether it's market volatility affecting discount rates, hiccups while reconciling accounts at month-end or the real estate team making edits, you're in control. 

The CoStar lease accounting platform also improves reporting and eliminates calculation errors ... so you can feel confident knowing you have the best technology to tackle change. No matter how fast it comes. 

How CoStar Helps Accounting Teams

"I Need To Stay Ahead of Change"

Compliance with accounting standards is just the start. 

Add in fluctuating discount rates, reporting requirements, audits and shrinking budgets ... and your lease accounting team is scrambling to adjust to change, let alone stay ahead of it.

There’s a reason why more accounting advisory firms recommend CoStar Real Estate Manager than any other lease accounting platform. It’s proven to be the best with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance. We can handle your reporting needs with ease and will greatly reduce manual calculations other systems require.  You can even complete lease forecasts with real-time portfolio data. 

Need more steady in your life? Count on CoStar.

Satisfied Accounting Team Member

Lease Accounting Software

You'll close with confidence when you team up with the No. 1 recommended solution for ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Save hundreds of hours by automating the manual compliance tasks that drag you down. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your balance sheet is accurate and audit-ready.   

CoStar Lease Accounting Interface Interface

Having everyone in the same system and having that relationship is just the most important thing. All the details, all the options, just flow naturally out of that working relationship.

Trey Thrower

Director of Mixed Assets and Leases, Inspire Brands

I like that CoStar can be a database for all types of leases and at the same time become a tool for ASC842/IFRS16 lease accounting standard. This makes it easy to reconcile accounting reports back to lease data, and also having access to one application can allow users view both lease data and lease accounting data.

Hyun Ji C.  

Assistant Controller, Financial Services 

Lease Administration & ASC 842 Reporting are best in class. Workflow is simply the best in comparison to other leading software, which makes you scroll to multiple screens.

Jim J. 

CPA, PMP, Transportation 

Spend Less Time on Lease Accounting

Accounting for leases couldn’t be easier with the most advanced automation from CoStar. On average, lease accountants save 500+ hours on ASC 842 and IFRS 16 workarounds and lease forecasting when they switch to CoStar. 


Always Be Audit-Ready

The new lease accounting standards were a big change for accounting teams. But thanks to system-generated audit details included with every CoStar report, your lease accounting manager will always be ready to respond to audit requests quickly and thoroughly.

Lease Accounting Workflow Alerts

Tackle ASC 842 + IFRS 16 Your Way

Our lease accounting software offers the best enterprise-class controls and workflows for IFRS 16 and ASC 842 compliance. But every lease accounting manager can also customize ad-hoc reports and add specific lease-level details.  

custom lease management for accounting teams

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