Is your lease accounting software secure?

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April 17, 2019
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Is your lease accounting software secure?

Companies need to give reliability and security high priority status when shopping for lease accounting software and use the latest, proven software technologies to ensure the security, availability and business continuity of lease data information. 

Lease accounting software: Reliability

Security and reliability go hand in hand, as both ensure daily operations can continue uninterrupted. System down time results in business operations grinding to a halt. When shopping for lease accounting software, ensure the software provider has a 99 percent uptime (or better), including maintenance periods. This level of service can be delivered through a fully virtualized, redundant architecture delivering fast response times, infrastructure monitoring and redundancies.

Reliability in action

CoStar’s hosting infrastructure is continuously monitored for uptime, performance and capacity.  It provides provide maximum redundancy at all key service layers.  The system is meticulously designed to allow for failover of layers without a loss of performance, and allows segments of the infrastructure to be taken down for maintenance without any impact to the end user.

Data is at the heart of every business. To protect against accidental data loss, CoStar performs incremental back-ups of all data every ten minutes and a full back-up every night.  The data backups are stored offsite, with multiple copies created and stored within the data center and at a CoStar disaster recovery hosting mirror location.

At the end of the day, CoStar users can be confident their business will enjoy optimal up time, response time and continuous performance from any device

Lease accounting software security: Physical and virtual security for data safety

Lease accounting software should protect critical real estate information from unauthorized access while ensuring the right people within the organization have access to the information needed to make the best business decisions possible.

Security in action

CoStar has a multi-layered approach to security that results in industry-leading system availability, plus the peace of mind knowing lease data pertinent to business operations is safe – including both physical and virtual security measures.

CoStar’s encryption management includes authentication and rights management, password policy, SAML, integration job log, process scheduling, audit reporting and more

Physical security

CoStar servers are hosted at an ISO9000 2001 certified co-location facility which provides comprehensive and multi-faceted physical security, including highly controlled access requiring three-factor authentication and 24/7/365 close circuit digital video monitoring. It also includes power redundancy and backup, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems and modern heating/ventilations/air conditioning (HVAC).  The facility is subject to an annual SSAE 18 audit report. 

Network security

All publicly accessible servers are protected by redundant firewalls, along with added protection against unauthorized access to data with a second layer of redundant firewalls.  The servers are protected using a network-wide intrusion detection system and are subjected to regular penetration testing.  CoStar routinely performs penetration testing and daily firewall log reviews to identify potential security threats.

Application security

As a further security measure, CoStar scans all application code for vulnerability.  CoStar also offers Single Sign On (SSO) authentication support, which gives users the ability to access the system by signing into the corporate network.  CoStar also supports Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) encryption for web servers and browsers, enabling secure communications.

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