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Lease Accounting Software from CoStar Saves Accountants Hundreds of Hours

Fully automated lease accounting

No one has automated more functionality for ASC 842 accounting, including on-going remeasurements related to changing leases.

Managed and guaranteed integrations

No one had delivered and manages more integrations to critical business systems, and guarantees them too.

Comprehensive and automated reporting

Only CoStar puts system-generated audit notes in disclosure and roll-forward reports for smooth sailing.

Lease Accounting Software Comparison

Most Providers Offer

  • ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Accounting Calculations
  • Classification Testing
  • Manual Disclosure Reports
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Policy Elections
  • GL Accounts and Cost Centers Support
  • Journal Entry Approvals
  • Data Points Tracking

What CoStar Does Better

  • Seamless Lease Administration to Lease Accounting Workflow
  • Automated Disclosure and Roll Forward Reporting with Audit Notes
  • Advanced Remeasurement Functionality
  • Functional Currency and APY Daily Rate Calculations
  • Automatic Journal Entry Posting to GL
  • Accounting Dashboard with Live Balance Sheet Impact
  • Accounting Schedule Export
  • Retrospective True-up Functionality
  • Custom Fiscal Calendars Including 4-4-5 and 13 Period
  • Unlimited Users and Security Controls by Role, Portfolio and Company Code
  • Superior Standard, Ad Hoc and Custom Reporting
  • Discount Rate Automation
  • Bulk Workflow Approvals