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Has your company tackled the new lease accounting standards? CoStar, RGP form alliance for lease accounting initiatives

Has your company tackled the new lease accounting standards? CoStar, RGP form alliance for lease accounting initiatives

CoStar Real Estate Manager is proud to announce it has added RGP to its network authorized lease accounting software implementation partners.

Meet CoStar’s Strategic Partner, RGP
RGP is trained and ready to implement CoStar’s Enterprise Lease Accounting software as part of a broader compliance solution for ASC 842 and IFRS 16. RGP provides a full suite of services for lease accounting from a preliminary analysis and impact assessment to program and change management.

RGP and CoStar provide clients with a full ASC 842 or IFRS 16 solution, from assessment to data gathering, to process design to implementation, experienced consultants help companies comply with these new accounting standards effectively and efficiently.

“We’re pleased to align our lease accounting solutions with RGP,” said Andy Thomas, president of lease management provider, CoStar Real Estate Manager. “The combination of our Lease Manager product suite with the trusted advisors of RGP offers clients a proven combination for tackling compliance with the new lease accounting standards.”

Thomas added: “We’ve made it easy for smart businesses to go beyond compliance standards and also prevent financial reporting issues, increase internal controls and even receive a return on their lease accounting investment.”

No matter where your organization is in the compliance process, CoStar offers organizational leaders practical, real-world insight on how to create a lease accounting compliance plan. Click here to receive a copy of “Planning for Lease Accounting Compliance, A 12 Step Guide for Successful Project Management.” The Guide, co-authored by the former lease accounting manager with the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S., discusses:

  • Who should be part of the core project team and stakeholders to involve
  • Essential questions to assess lease accounting solutions from software providers
  • Important testing scenarios for lease accounting software
  • Where to find organizational leases and critical lease data points to collect
  • Often overlooked embedded leased assets that are part of larger agreements
  • And “5 Minute Quick Read” summaries of each step in the process

Ready to learn more about CoStar software? Click here to watch lease accounting software demonstration videos.

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