Charter Upgrades Lease Management Software with CoStar

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June 27, 2024
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Charter Upgrades Lease Management Software with CoStar

A rapidly-growing portfolio filled with diverse assets is the dream for most organizations. But what if your tech stack can’t keep up with your growth?  

That’s the position the lease administration team at Charter Communications found themselves in. Charter has a diverse portfolio of warehouses, data centers, call centers, land towers, hubs and headends.   

“We manage a portfolio of about 4000 income expense-owned sites. So, it presents a challenge just because of the variety,” shared Carolyn Gharst, Manager, Property & Database Administration.   

The Charter real estate and lease administration team struggled with their existing lease management solution software.   

“The previous solution we had was not robust enough for the data that we need going forward," said Teresa Nelson, Manager, Property & Database Administration. "Our portfolio data and our lease accounting data were in two separate systems.” 

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Charter began  bringing its operations in-house. They chose the best lease administration software: CoStar Real Estate Manager.  

The idea of switching solutions can be scary, but Charter and CoStar found a rhythm and completed the process with ease.  

“Switching to a new system in any way is daunting. It was imperative that we make sure that the data came over correctly. With the help of the CoStar folks, we were able to do that,” said Nelson.  

“The implementation process has been very smooth. I've been very happy with how things have gone working with CoStar. Their communication has been very clear, and the support we've been receiving after going live has been top-notch,” added Lisa Cortopassi, Director, Records & Portfolio Management.  

This strategic change empowered Charter with greater control and flexibility in managing its leases.   

“CoStar Real Estate Manager is a much more sophisticated system compared to what we were using before. We really enjoy the added features and benefits that CoStar can offer which help optimize our real estate portfolio,” said Cortopassi.   

“CoStar Real Estate Manager is a much more sophisticated system compared to what we were using before.”
lisa c
Lisa Cortopassi

Charter Communications, Director, Records & Portfolio Mgmt 

The adoption of CoStar as the new system of record for real estate marked a significant milestone for Charter. As they continue to innovate and expand, their partnership with CoStar remains instrumental in driving success and growth.