How Rentokil Terminix Chose Their Lease Administration Software

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June 6, 2024
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How Rentokil Terminix Chose Their Lease Administration Software

When Richard Miller started at Rentokil, they had 175 locations. 

But now? They have over 800, thanks to Rentokil’s acquisition of Terminix in 2022.  

For Rentokil Terminix, optimizing their post-merger property portfolio was not just a necessity. It was a strategic imperative.   

Miller and William Brick joined forces at that time and came to an important realization: Of the solutions each company used, CoStar Real Estate Manager was the best lease administration software option.   

“I could sense some frustrations he [Miller] was having, and I immediately knew that platform was inferior,” said Brick.   

The transition to CoStar Real Estate Manager lease management software was seamless, facilitated by the expertise and support of the CoStar team. From initial implementation to the ongoing support they receive today, Rentokil Terminix now has elite support for their operations.   

“Their [CoStar] service has been second to none,” said Miller.  

“Without CoStar, I simply can’t imagine how we would function.”
William Brick headshot
William Brick

Real Estate District Manager, Rentokil Terminix

“Without CoStar, I simply can’t imagine how we would function,” added Brick.  

For Rentokil Terminix, CoStar Real Estate Manager is more than just a software solution. It's a strategic partner that empowers them to achieve their lease administration objectives. They gained a competitive edge in the fierce real estate market.   

From optimizing lease administration to maximizing portfolio performance, CoStar has become an indispensable tool in Rentokil Terminix's arsenal. As they continue to expand their footprint across North America, Rentokil Terminix remains confident in the capabilities of CoStar.