Guaranteed Integrations for Lease Accounting Software and More

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April 17, 2019
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Guaranteed Integrations for Lease Accounting Software and More

All suppliers say they provide integrations, but do they manage and guarantee them and provide all that CoStar provides? Integrations are one of the keys to success when implementing lease accounting software and lease management solutions.

  • For accounting, the path to Continuous Lease Accounting and process control and timely closes is the result of a highly functional application, accounting controls, and managed integrations.
  • For real estate, timely and controlled rent payments through AP integration, reconciliation through AP history, and others speed up real estate lease and portfolio management operations.

Companies need to confirm a supplier’s track record, approach, support, and integrations experience. CoStar has the most successful, programmatic approach for integrations and the most experience.

Guaranteed Integrations for Lease Accounting Software and More

CoStar integrations and approach

CoStar has delivered and maintains over 900 customer integrations. There are three major considerations when considering an integrations supplier to ensure success:

  • Track record and resources – CoStar has a long history of integrations delivery and support and a team dedicated to integrations hosting, management, and support.
  • Warranty and maintenance – CoStar’s integrations are part of its warranty and support obligations in contracts. Often, integrations are left out of SaaS obligations or built by third parties, leading to finger-pointing if they fail. CoStar’s integrations are guaranteed when paying rent and posting journal entries.
  • Integration with anything – With so many integrations, CoStar has experience with the widest variety of applications across a wide range of customers, with deep expertise in all common systems and ERPs.

Nearly every solution supplier claims integrations as a core competency. Companies should verify track records and warranties. With CoStar, integrations are guaranteed.

Integrations provide automation

Lease Accounting Integrations: The most common lease accounting integrations support posting journal entries to a company’s general ledger (GL) and inbound fleet and equipment supplier integrations in support of the equipment requirements of lease accounting. CoStar also integrates with reconciliation applications and the reconciliation modules of ERPs. CoStar has integrated with most leading lease administration systems too.

Real Estate Lease management and portfolio management integrations: The most common real estate integrations are Accounts Payable (AP) and AP History for reconciliation. CoStar has also delivered a host of other integrations for retail store sales, percent rent, headcount, and many others.

Costar is the leader in enterprise integration development, delivery, and ongoing support. Need integrations? Just ask CoStar!