Expert Tested ways to Better Evaluate Commercial Real Estate Purchases

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August 5, 2021
CoStar Real Estate Manager Blog

Expert Tested ways to Better Evaluate Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Corporate and retail tenants evaluate commercial real estate purchases better with CoStar market data + analytics at their fingertips.

CoStar empowers tenant real estate managers with on-demand, unlimited and unfiltered access to market data and analytics on more than 6 million commercial properties. CoStar streamlines access to real estate portfolio information, accounting and operations with industry-leading management applications recommended by more service providers than any other.

Here are 5 ways tenant real estate managers evaluate commercial real estate purchases better with CoStar:

1. Gain broader awareness of markets, submarkets and space alternatives.

When considering the purchase of property, CoStar helps decision makers by providing the most comprehensive market information and building options for any given market or submarket. This includes the most complete inventory of available properties as well as ones not currently listed for sale.

2. Secure stronger negotiating positions for new space.

Market knowledge is key to favorable negotiations. Deal makers should be armed with CoStar’s comprehensive market information when they evaluate commercial real estate purchases in order to negotiate purchases more effectively or take advantage of alternative cost-saving opportunities.

3. Provide clearer guidance to brokers.

Well-informed tenant real estate managers work more effectively with brokers when evaluating purchase options and securing the best deal outcomes.

4. Offer more value and cost savings to the business.

Tenant real estate managers provide more value to the business by proposing purchase options that leverage all the available information in CoStar and by making recommendations that consider employee amenities, space configurations, infrastructure, parking or transportation issues and more.

5. Maintain better confidentiality for strategic planning.

Often companies want to keep real estate plans private and not signal to the marketplace or competitors their interest in moving locations or acquiring property. Having direct access to CoStar market information and applications ensures confidential strategic planning, as well as better alignment with real estate initiatives and overall corporate goals.

CoStar Market Information

Properties provides the most complete inventory of properties and spaces for sale including building type, size and year built. View photos, aerials, maps, floor plans, stacking plans and more. Access true owner, broker and property manager information. Lease and Sale Comps offers up-to-date pricing information, cap rates and transaction notes. Plus see the most active brokers and make connections with local professionals. Market Analytics enables an understanding of historic property performance plus, vacancies and property under construction.

CoStar Management Applications

Lease Administration streamlines portfolio details to better understand current use and occupancy, while integrated CoStar market information allows users to see lease details for other tenants within specific buildings associated with the portfolio. Transaction Management can be pre-configured with deal team projects that include workflows, tasks, milestones and document tracking. Portfolio Planning provides a strategic view of tenant portfolios that combines headcount, lease and market data into reports that enable data-driven decisions and guide actions to create cost savings.