Connect Your Real Estate Initiatives With Your Strategic Goals

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April 18, 2014
CoStar Real Estate Manager Blog

Connect Your Real Estate Initiatives With Your Strategic Goals

The CoStar Real Estate Manager strategy and analytics module provides retailers an easy and accurate way to consolidate and analyze the complex information needed to effectively monitor store performance and strategy execution from a commercial real estate perspective.

This module is the engine that combines critical store performance, lease, demographic, sales and center information with data from other critical business systems into actionable information.

The strategy and analytics module is designed for company executives, real estate dealmakers, planning and construction manager, store operations managers and anyone else who needs visibility into critical information that drives the business. This component helps customers utilize comprehensive, real-time knowledge about their real estate to make accurate, quick and confident decisions.

With the strategy and analytics module, retailers can:

  • Establish goals and track actual performance by centers, stores, brands, regions or markets against:
    • Target store accounts
    • “Must win” locations
    • Capital requirements for expansion/remodel opportunities
    • Estimated increases in sales
    • Net impact to expenses
  • Establish store strategies based on performance and real estate alternatives:
    • Create strategy and define estimated timing and financial targets for sales, expenses and capital
    • Quickly categorize and rank stores by sales and occupancy cost
    • Review pertinent lease options to determine value-enhancing opportunities
    • Analyze age and location, design type and last remodel date
  • Analyze individual store performance by:
    • Developers
    • Other stores by type, size, center grade, design, market and/or region
    • Competitors’ stores
    • Center performance