A Beginner's Guide to CoStar Real Estate Manager Resources

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February 13, 2024
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A Beginner's Guide to CoStar Real Estate Manager Resources

Congrats! You’ve officially been onboarded to your lease accounting or lease administration system.  

But what happens if you want to know how to use matching technology to look up discount rates? What about creating an ETL template? 

Your support teams are available. So are the Resource Center and Knowledge Base, where you can find the answers to those questions (and 600+ more).  

The Resource Center  

The Resource Center is a hub of helpful information for CoStar Real Estate Manager users. Here, you can find product updates, information on upcoming webinars, and a link to our Knowledge Base.  

You can also take advantage of tutorials that guide you through different pages and functionality in the application.  

If you have an idea to improve your day to day, you can make suggestions for product or service enhancements.  

Access the Resource Center by clicking the question mark icon at the top right of the CoStar Real Estate application.  

The Knowledge Base  

The Knowledge Base is where you go to access more than 600 articles on everything from product news to feature how-to's.  

Experts carefully created knowledge base content to be an unbeatable resource for CoStar users. You'll never be far from the answer you're after. You and your team members will save time by finding solutions easily and efficiently.  

These articles answer common questions and provide user-friendly references, guides, release notes and video links.  

Accessing the Knowledge Base  

In the Resource Center, click Knowledge Base, then click the link, and the Knowledge Base site will open in a new tab. For quicker access, you can bookmark the site or any individual articles to reference in the future.  

Navigating the Knowledge Base  

The start page contains topic tiles that address the main topics users are interested in.  

If you click on a topic tile, you’ll see a list of articles that fall under that topic. On the left you’ll find a menu of additional topics. On the right you’ll see dynamic lists of related topics and popular articles. 

Searching the Knowledge Base  

To jump right into a specific topic, simply start typing in the Search box. The system will highlight your search term in yellow. Search functions make finding exactly what you need a simple process.  

Using Knowledge Base articles  

Some articles have a quick summary in the blue box at the top. In the rest of the article, you’ll see more detailed instructions.  

There are other related articles on similar subjects on the right side of every article.  

Finding Product Updates in the Knowledge Base and Resource Center  

Product News is where you’ll find release notes and other articles related to important product news.  

The Product Updates option in the Resource Center menu will show you announcements, release dates and link to release notes. You’ll see a little number icon over the question mark icon when there’s a new version with release notes.  

Going Further  

For more questions or specific company situations, click the "Contact Us" link. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the Customer Support number and Portal for Authorized Support Contacts to open a case.  

If you use CoStar Real Estate Manager, now is the time to make the most of its functionality.