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9 Things That Make CoStar Smooth Sailing for IT and InfoSec Teams

9 Things That Make CoStar Smooth Sailing for IT and InfoSec Teams

When choosing a supplier, it’s critical to verify their track record, platform, information security, data ops, and SOC audit schedules and outcomes. CoStar is smooth sailing for IT and InfoSec due diligence. Make sure your solution and your supplier have all this and more! We’ve got you covered!

  1. 20-year record having never failed a project implementation – Both IT and the business benefit knowing CoStar has a long track record, particularly compared to small companies and start-ups. There are many failed projects with other suppliers. Your business and project manager will thank you.
  2. 20-year track record of meeting Service Level Availability (SLAs) – All SaaS providers have an SLA guarantee in their agreement. But, how do you know they meet it? You have a protective contract, but that doesn’t help when the system is down at reporting time. CoStar’s SLA track record is proven and world-class.
  3. Integrations warranty and support – CoStar has built and maintains over 900 integrations. Our contracts come with guaranteed support. When an integration fails with other suppliers, IT is often caught in the middle, and the business suffers from late GL outputs and rent payments. Many suppliers provide integrations, but a contractual obligation and track record to support them are key to successful integrations.
  4. Three annual SOC audits – CoStar conduct SOC Audits annually. Yes, three! This is a large investment to ensure all audit reporting periods are covered for our customers’ calendars and that you have the documentation you need to validate the results. Most suppliers only provide one or two because it’s a big investment.
  5. Early and continuous support for the latest data privacy requirements (GDPR) – CoStar stays ahead of enterprise data privacy requirements and is early to support GDPR requirements for our international and multi-national customers. We invest heavily in this topic.
  6. Data encryption at rest and in transmission – Transparent Data Encryption (TDE or Data at Rest Encryption) is often overlooked by business and IT teams in requirements. Some suppliers don’t provide encryption for data in the database (TDE). CoStar does.
  7. Dedicated databases, not a shared database – Some SaaS suppliers put customers in segregated but shared databases. Did you know? CoStar provides dedicated databases to its customers, and all customers should ask about this since architecture is not described in contracts.
  8. A second, non-production site – CoStar, provides a non-production site standard as part of your license for testing new releases and other non-production activities. Most suppliers do not provide this service or charge a separate fee for a non-prod site, which can be essential for ongoing testing.
  9. Platform performance – scalability – Some suppliers have failed when a customer with thousands of leases calculates amortizations or runs complex reports. It can take hours and is not discovered until long after implementation. CoStar was designed for scale, with many customers running fast reports on tens of thousands of leases. This is critical at month-end close or rent payment time.

IT and InfoSec teams that evaluate systems, find CoStar smooth sailing, and accounting and real estate business teams will benefit from CoStar’s track record, performance, security, and guarantees.

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