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3 Ways You Can Better Evaluate Acquisition Target Real Estate with CoStar

3 Ways You Can Better Evaluate Acquisition Target Real Estate with CoStar

Corporate and retail tenants can better evaluate acquisition target real estate with CoStar market information and management applications at their fingertips.

As business leaders seek to understand the locations and flexibility of a target acquisition’s real estate, obtaining simplified and accurate information in a timely manner is critical. Tenant real estate managers make more confident real estate assessments and are better prepared to discuss options with the most complete and up-to-date information available from CoStar.

CoStar empowers tenant real estate managers with on-demand, unlimited and unfiltered access to market data and analytics on more than 6 million commercial properties. CoStar streamlines access to critical lease information and automates portfolio operations with industry-leading management applications recommended by more service providers than any other.

Here are 3 ways tenant real estate managers evaluate acquisition target real estate better with CoStar:

1. Gain a clearer picture and comparison of real estate.

With CoStar, it’s easy to evaluate, map and visualize a target company’s real estate footprint and transfer this information to other formats for presentations. CoStar can also produce reports from the tenant’s own lease portfolio for comparison. 

2. Offer more value and cost savings to the business.

Using CoStar, tenant real estate managers offer more value to business units and financial leaders by producing effective and reliable real estate analysis quickly without additional costs or time-consuming research.

3. Maintain better confidentiality for strategic planning.

Often companies want to keep real estate plans private and not signal to the marketplace or competitors their interest in acquiring another organization. Having direct access to CoStar market information and applications ensures confidential strategic planning, as well as better alignment with real estate initiatives and overall corporate goals.

CoStar Market Information

Properties  and Tenants Rosters provide a comprehensive view of an acquisition’s real estate locations including lease and ownership details, total square footage, rents and loan terms. Comparison maps of the target’s properties and tenant properties can be generated and overlayed using CoStar.

CoStar Management Applications

Lease Administration streamlines lease portfolio details and offers mapping of leased and owned properties. Portfolio Planning provides a strategic view of tenant portfolios that combines headcount, lease and market data into reports that enable data-driven decisions and guide actions to create cost savings.

Don’t already have access to CoStar market information and management applications?

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