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Coming Soon: A Remodeled CoStar Real Estate Manager

Coming Soon: A Remodeled CoStar Real Estate Manager

Over the next 12 to 18 months, we’ll be rolling out an exciting CoStar Real Estate Manager redesign. This multi-phase project will touch every aspect of the application.

We’ll be focusing on user interface, performance improvement, ensuring future security of the application, and meeting modern design expectations.

These designs have been broadly reviewed by clients and will be going through a beta program to verify the design “in the real world” before we roll it out to everyone.

The first release will include new navigation styling and the removal of the footer in favor of placing all the familiar controls, such as Search, at the top of the page.

Features will include:

  • Updated, streamlined interface
  • Key information available at a glance
  • Redesigned modules, list pages, and new Financials and Accounting modules
  • Improved connections with other CoStar applications
  • Centralizing “toolbar” functionality to the header​
  • Centralizing related areas of functionality ​
  • Faster access to admin tools​
  • Ability to update your own logos
  • More self-administration opportunities  
  • Cleaner organization and forms
  • Greater consistency
  • Addressing many client requests

Upcoming stages of this multi-phase project include remodeling the following:

  • Tasks Page​
  • Dynamic Forms​
  • Financials Pages​
  • Accounting Pages​
  • Ad Hoc Reporting​
  • Administration​

Look for more details on these exciting changes in the coming months.

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