Automatically Calculate Indexed Charge Adjustments and Reconciliations

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April 18, 2014
CoStar Real Estate Manager Blog

Automatically Calculate Indexed Charge Adjustments and Reconciliations

Commercial real estate leases with adjusted charges due to changes in a cost of living or price index are complex and time-consuming to calculate and manage.

The CoStar Real Estate Manager lease administration software includes advanced functionality. This allows landlords and tenants to quickly and accurately calculate indexed charge adjustments and reconciliations immediately after indexes are updated.

Easily maintain index data in CoStar Real Estate Manager.

Direct navigation to all your index information within CoStar Real Estate Manager makes maintenance easy and fast. By including links to index publication websites on the system index pages, you can quickly retrieve the latest data you need for updates.  In addition, the index information maintained within the CoStar Real Estate Manager system establishes a seamless audit trail.

Abstract indexed charge clauses for better reporting

Instead of relying on non-reportable tax fields, the indexed charged functionality within CoStar Real Estate Manager regiments the abstracted lease data into reportable data fields. This feature enables system calculations of both index adjustments and reconciliations.

Schedule charges with accuracy safeguards

CoStar Real Estate Manager uses the information you entered about indexed charges to produce intelligent defaults and data safeguards that ensure scheduled charges are entered accurately.

Proactive system notifications keep you informed.

CoStar Real Estate Manager integrates a reminder system that notifies you when it is time to retrieve newly published index values and enter the updated information into the system. These proactive system notifications ensure accurate knowledge of cost changes, sometimes weeks before receiving an invoice.

Update index data to initiate automatic system calculations

Once you make all needed updates to your indexed charges and approve the changes, the system immediately and automatically identifies and tallies all adjustable lease charges and will continually track your progress toward completing all adjustments and reconciliations.

Adjust charges automatically

With one click of your mouse, the system saves you countless hours of work by automatically:

  • Calculating all adjustments
  • Calculating and scheduling all reconciliation charges
  • Updating future charges to represent ongoing lease obligations best
  • Updating a comment field if period minimums, maximums, or lifetime maximums are encountered.

You can access detailed calculation documentation for any charge on demand. In addition, you can always override a calculation if, for example, you negotiate a better rate with your tenant, landlord, or equipment supplier.