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Lease Accounting Software Setup for ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Compliance

2 Ways to Achieve Lease Accounting Compliance with CoStar:

1. Connect existing lease management systems to CoStar via our proprietary Data Connector.
Lease Accounting Software with Data Connector
Advantages: Easiest and fastest path to lease accounting compliance, lower cost option  

Retain investments in existing lease systems and take advantage of CoStar’s proven lease accounting functionality while avoiding the often higher costs of upgrading enterprise software.

2. Migrate all existing lease data to CoStar with integrated lease administration system.
Lease Accounting Software and Management
Advantages: Most effective lease management setup, unlimited users, reduced long-term costs  

Upgrade existing systems to the smart choice for lease accounting and management, provide access to an unlimited amount of organizational users and departments, and save on long term costs associated with multiple systems and upgrades.