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Implementation consulting services from CoStar ensure the more rapid time-to-value for software investments.

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Ensure on-time and on-budget project completion

Our proven implementation methodology is focused on fully meeting project expectations.

Achieve a higher level of user acceptance

Our consultants work ensure configurations meet user preferences and not just pre-configured specifications.

Realize a faster return on investment

Getting your team productive on CoStar’s system faster means more time and money saved for your company.

Implementation Approaches for Every Organization

Enterprise Approach

  • Designed and customized
  • Large, diverse portfolios
  • Organizational or lease complexity
  • Lease data gaps, many lease sources
  • Functional currency and multi-currency
  • Lease admin. system (replacement)
  • Enterprise integrations in scope
  • Adequate time for design / UAT
  • Ample budget for transition project

Agile Approach

  • Mostly pre-configured
  • Smaller portfolios, central management
  • Lower portfolio and organizational complexity
  • Customer collected and loaded lease data
  • No currency considerations
  • Lease accounting only (import/abstract data)
  • Deferred integrations (standard GL output)
  • Shorter time frame with standard templates
  • Value-focused price

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