Ensure on-time and on-budget projects

Proven implementation methodologies meet project deadlines and solution requirements. Project Managers ensure timely execution and customer communication.

Achieve user acceptance and productivity

Consultants ensure configurations and testing meet user requirements. Project teams smoothly transition customers to training and support.

Scale project execution to your portfolio needs

Solutions and projects are sized to your needs, whether you have a complex enterprise with large, diverse portfolios or you need a pre-configured, rapidly-deployed solution.

Implementation Approaches for Every Organization

Enterprise Approach

  • Designed and customized
  • Large, diverse portfolios
  • Organizational or lease complexity
  • Lease data gaps, many lease sources
  • Functional currency and multi-currency
  • Lease admin. system (replacement)
  • Enterprise integrations in scope
  • Adequate time for design / UAT
  • Ample budget for transition project

Agile Approach

  • Mostly pre-configured
  • Smaller portfolios, central management
  • Lower portfolio and organizational complexity
  • Customer collected and loaded lease data
  • No currency considerations
  • Lease accounting only (import/abstract data)
  • Deferred integrations (standard GL output)
  • Shorter time frame with standard templates
  • Value-focused price

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