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ERP Lease Accounting Applications

CoStar’s global lease accounting engine and subledger provides seamless functionality with SAP, Oracle and other leading ERP systems to enable financial reporting, rent payments and more.

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CoStar ERP Lease Accounting Integrations

CoStar works with leading ERP financial systems

Send debits and credits to multiple ERP general ledgers

CoStar works with various ERP systems at the same time and proactively supports more than 700 system integrations.

Synchronize with fixed asset management systems

CoStar tracks buildings, stores, computers, vehicles and other assets in a single subledger, as well as purchasing, sales, vendor/fleet and custom systems.

Produce payment schedules to ERP accounts payable

CoStar processes more than $4.5 billion in monthly lease payments.

General Ledger and Accounts Payable



CoStar can upload debits and credits to multiple general ledgers and provide confirmation of posted transactions. CoStar also publishes expected invoice charges and makes downloading actual invoiced expenses and disbursements easy.

One Complete Lease Accounting Solution


CoStar Lease Data Services

CoStar supports both ASC 842 and IFRS 16, as well as previous standards. CoStar manages both real estate and equipment leases in a single subledger.

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