Ten Things You Must Know About Cloud-based Real Estate Management Software

CoStar Real Estate Manager is a leading provider of cloud-based real estate information management solutions.

With CoStar Real Estate Manager, companies have a smart, easy way to collect, manage and report on complex real estate information from anywhere, at any time.

We deliver cost-saving solutions to customers based on their real estate lifecycle business goals. At the core of our ability to quickly provide savings to our customers is the fact that our technology solution is delivered via “the cloud”.  Benefits to customers include:

  1. Lower initial cost of ownership
  2. Quick time to value
  3. Subscription fees include immediate access to upgrades
  4. No large purchase spikes over time
  5. Lower internal IT personnel costs
  6. No IT infrastructure equipment needed
  7. Data security and privacy is assured
  8. Support is never dropped for old versions
  9. Leverage best practices processes and features
  10. Focus on your core competencies



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