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Shopping For Lease Accounting Software? CoStar And Arazzo Solutions Can Help Tackle The New Lease Accounting Guidelines

Shopping for lease accounting software? CoStar and Arazzo Solutions can help tackle the new lease accounting guidelines

Navigating compliance for ASC 842 and IFRS 16 can be complex, but Arazzo Solutions is making it easier for companies to find a great compliance software solution with CoStar Real Estate Manager, as they announced CoStar has become an authorized lease accounting software implementation partner.

The CoStar, Arazzo Partnership

Arazzo Solutions, a boutique professional services firm focused on the commercial/corporate real estate industry, is trained and ready to implement CoStar’s Enterprise Lease Accounting software as part of a broader compliance solution for ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

“We’re thrilled to work with the Arazzo team and offer our lease accounting software as a proven solution for their clients. Their experience and our Lease Manager product suite will be an effective combination for addressing compliance with the new lease accounting standards,” said Andy Thomas, president of CoStar Real Estate Manager.

Arazzo Solutions assists clients with traversing the intricacies of the new lease accounting guidelines, assisting with efficiently implementing the changes while minimizing disruption to the organizations. Like many complex purchasing decisions, comparing accounting software solutions is not always easy. Businesses can investigate specific criteria to determine which lease accounting software option is the best fit for their lease accounting management and reporting needs. Arazzo Solution’ consulting advisory services help clients navigate the waters of the new lease accounting guidelines while managing to the tight timelines the effective dates placed on corporations. Compliance with the new lease accounting standards is among CoStar’s pillars of our fully integrated and incredibly flexible software solution which routinely meets the complex needs of our clients. Want to learn more about the CoStar lease accounting software solution? Click here to see an overview video, and watch lease accounting software demonstration videos.