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Increase retail and restaurant profitability by aligning real estate operations with company objectives/initiatives

CoStar Real Estate Manager provides a comprehensive platform of software and services that enables corporate real estate professionals to make confident, insightful decisions based on accurate, complete and current information. As the expert in cloud-based real estate information management software, CoStar Real Estate Manager delivers business intelligence to monitor store performance and strategy execution. Our solutions support every aspect of the real estate life-cycle, enabling corporations to better manage the execution of set strategies to meet company goals including:

  • Lease Accounting Compliance
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Communicate project status, budget and issues in real-time
  • Open stores faster
  • Stay within budget
  • Manage existing portfolio
  • Leverage all available lease terms
  • Create reports and summaries easily

Lease Administration / Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Module makes administering and managing a multi-location portfolio easy. Whether it’s owned properties, leased locations or sub-leased tenants, our platform helps you track and proactively manage to not only avoid costs but to optimize the utilization of real estate for the enterprise.

Real Estate Strategy and Analytics

Our Strategy and Analytics Module is the engine that combines critical market information and lease and location performance indicators with data from other critical business systems into actionable information via easy-to-us dashboards.

CoStar Integrated Research Data

Our software includes industry-leading information from CoStar’s commercial real estate research database to help you develop, confirm and execute on your lease strategies. This information includes an overall summary of the location, deeper-dive information about leases, tenants and analytics, as well as location images for the locations that you manage in the software.

Percent Rent Management

Complex percent rent calculations can be a constant struggle for retailers and restaurant companies. CoStar Real Estate Manager’s enhanced percent rent functionality accommodates complex percent rent scenarios and can integrate with your Point of Sale (POS) and accounting systems for accuracy and efficiency of this requirement.

Bid Management for Retailers

The Projects Module of CoStar Real Estate Manager contains bid management functionality that helps retailers develop and open stores faster. We offer automated start-to-finish management of store build-outs that helps get your revenue flowing quickly.

Lease Accounting

Meet the needs of your current lease accounting requirements while you also gather the information and prepare for the new Lease Accounting Standard.  We uniquely provide you the ability to support both while also enabling you during the restatement process.

Integration with your ERP System

As part of CoStar Real Estate Manager’s Portfolio Module, you can feed information between your ERP/Accounting system and the lease administration and accounting needs of the real estate department. Our standard APIs facilitate the effort seamlessly.

Regulatory Compliance

The important and ever changing world of regulatory compliance is complicated. CoStar Real Estate Manager offers a solution that allows the corporate real estate group to help the enterprise stay SOX compliant, meet GAAP / SEC reporting needs, and support the security and audit trails necessary.

Management Reporting

When reporting to executives, access to and analysis of real estate data is critical. CoStar Real Estate Manager is second to none when it comes to putting critical data at your fingertips via searching, reporting and dashboard views.  All of this information is also available anytime, anywhere, on any day.

Legal Group Support

Most lease administration systems are solely designed for use by lease administration and real estate accounting professionals. With its lease and location-centric perspective, legal professionals also find CoStar Real Estate Manager to be a very effective tool to track legal provisions associated with their owned and leased portfolio, report and search on critical data and store important legal documents.

Project Management

When it comes to managing projects for a multi-location, multi-faceted organization, CoStar Real Estate Manager elevates project management to the enterprise level by focusing on what you need to know at a high-level.  Our Projects Module provides milestone tracking, expense information, budgets, workflow, approvals collaboration and communication to support your project management needs.

Program Management

Large programs that consist of many projects with a multitude of information require a unique form of project tracking. With CoStar Real Estate Manager, organizations are able to replicate a standardized process across multiple projects, roll up cost accounting / budget information from external systems and provide a top-level view of the program without having to “get into the weeds” of the individual projects and support the mobile worker with access on any device.

Transaction / Deal Management

CoStar Real Estate Manager is widely used for transaction management due to its ease of use, configurability and robust reporting capabilities. Whether you manage your real estate transactions internally or through a third-party service provider, our platform helps manage your transaction and deal management needs.

Lease Abstracting, Review and Validation

Accuracy is absolutely critical to every organization as real estate data impacts corporate expenses, legal obligations, regulatory filings and even revenue. Our Lease Services team can help you review and ensure the quality of your data so that it does not adversely affect your organization.

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