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Portfolio management software that enables cost savings.

Portfolio management software from CoStar provides a strategic view of your lease utilization that enables data-driven decision making and actions to realize cost savings.

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Six CoStar users share their experiences using our lease administration software. Watch now.

The Value of Lease Administration + Lease Accounting

Learn how using lease accounting and administration software together can achieve enhanced management and continuous accounting capabilities. Watch now.

Portfolio Management Softare

CoStar’s Portfolio Management Software imports employee and seat count info and combines it with lease portfolio data.

Portfolio Management Software from CoStar

Create powerful reports to measure utilization

Import employee and seat count info and combine with lease administration data to gain a strategic view of your portfolio.

Score and prioritize actionable leases and space choices

Create a scoring system to examine lease flexibly based on term, termination, options and other parameters, then prioritize actionable leases related to space needs, options or other concessions.

Make informed analysis and strategic decisions

Using CoStar data, identify cost savings opportunities with market reports, analytics, comparable rents and available space, then coordinate re-negotiations, terminations, consolidations and new transactions.

Software Highlights and Key Capabilities

Most Providers Offer

  • Current Headcount
  • Critical Date Tracking
  • Options Reporting
  • Rent/SF Calculations
  • Obligations Reporting
  • Mapping
  • Reminders
  • Clauses

What CoStar Does Better

  • Location Strategy
  • Headcount Tracking & Reporting
  •  Utilization/Performance Trending
  • Lease Flexibility Scoring
  • CoStar Integrated Research Data
  • Personalized Dashboards & List Pages
  • OPEX Reimbursement Data Tracking
  • Bulk Uploads/Updates with our out of the box ETL Tool
  • Easy to use, intuitive Ad Hoc Reporting tool for all users

What makes the best portfolio management software?

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Whether it’s standard or ad hoc, advance financials and other complex reporting needs, CoStar has you covered.

System Integrations

System Integrations

CoStar has delivered and supports 700+ system integrations.

Integrated Research

Integrated CoStar Research

Access CoStar’s #1 commercial real estate data from our lease accounting application to help with fair market valuations.