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Prepare Now For FASB With Our New Comprehensive Preparedness Tool

Prepare Now for FASB with Our New Comprehensive Preparedness Tool

Industry analysts estimate that the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) lease accounting rule changes will add a total of $1.7 trillion of assets and liabilities to corporate balance sheets worldwide when fully implemented¹.

Ultimately, these changes, which will impact all long-term real estate and non-real estate leases, could influence the length of commercial leases, how fast some companies grow, and how much exposure they might have to the real estate market.  As a leader in real estate information management to both retail organizations and corporate enterprises, CoStar Real Estate Manager is now offering a unique service designed to help real estate and lease management professionals better understand, eliminate and prepare for FASB changes.

Eliminating FASB Pain

As a real estate or lease management professional, you need to be prepared. And the CoStar Real Estate Manager FASB impact report is one of the best ways to ensure you will be able to:

  1. Understand the impact lease accounting changes will have on your organization’s financial balance sheet.
  2. Prepare your executive team for anticipated tough questions from your board.
  3. Ultimately develop strategies to minimize the potential negative impact of FASB guideline changes.

The CoStar Real Estate Manager impact report service enables you to load all of your current long-term lease information into a secure and comprehensive online information management platform. Using this up-to-date information, CoStar Real Estate Manager lease experts can leverage the system’s powerful analytics to prepare custom FASB impact analysis reports.  CoStar Real Estate Manager also offers the ability to conduct variable “what if” analysis far beyond the practical capabilities of spreadsheets or single-engagement consulting agreements.  With CoStar Real Estate Manager, you can build any number of lease accounting simulations based on lease options, discount rates, renewal terms and other factors.

A Powerful Alternative

The FASB impact report service provides a powerful – and accurate – alternative to manual spreadsheets or expensive consultants.   For a limited time, CoStar Real Estate Manager is also offering the option of storing information from your entire lease portfolio in our online system at no additional charge, enabling you to revisit FASB strategies to ensure you are taking the most advantage of your lease management options.  Additionally, for new CoStar Real Estate Manager customers, should you decide to license the software to manage your lease portfolio, the majority of your data load is already done.


¹The Wall Street Journal, November 16, 2011



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