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Customer Support

Customer support from CoStar goes beyond the typical “help desk” to provide a foundation that helps your business grow.

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With CoStar Real Estate Manager, customers get comprehensive and expert business management support, that includes:

  • Knowledgeable Client Services provide one-on-one partnerships that help with all your real estate initiatives
  • Dedicated, value-add approach to ensure your continuously get the most from your CoStar Real Estate Manager solution
  • Ongoing Lease Services support provides flexibility to your business
  • Proactive communication keeps customers up to date on the latest best practices and system enhancements
  • The CoStar Real Estate Manager annual Customer Success Conference
  • Regular public training at our office in Atlanta

Customer Success Program

“CoStar has founded our customer success program to ensure all aspects of our software, services, training and ongoing education exceed expectations.”

— Mark McDonald, Vice President of Customer Success

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