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What are the best support cases? Actionable ones.

What are the best support cases? Actionable ones.

CoStar Real Estate Manager Client Services Department exists to provide application maintenance and support when you need it. We are a reaction-oriented department by design and are adding differentiated, opt-in levels, or tiers, of support. But regardless of your support level, we want to resolve all issues quickly. Our mission is to “Empower customer’s success through timely, thoughtful, and complete service.” In order achieve that mission, we need your help. At some point, every customer needs to submit a maintenance or support request. We know you want it answered, resolved, or delivered quickly. We want the same thing. How can you help us? The answer is in the detailed information you include in your request.

It’s all in the details

Below is a list of things we always suggest you include when creating and submitting a support request. Customers who do this experience much quicker support than those who don’t.

  • Properly use the preconfigured drop-downs fields, including Asset Category, Asset, Application Environment, and Client Urgency.
  • In the Subject field, provide a brief statement of your request.
  • In the Description field, provide the following information whenever it is applicable or available:
    • What is the question or problem?
    • What is the error message, if there is one?
    • Who is experiencing this issue, if/when it is not the person submitting the support request?
    • What are the steps to recreate this problem? (Presumably, users try to perform or complete an action in the application multiple times before contacting or requesting support.)
    • What impact is this having on your business?
    • When do you need to have an answer or resolution by?
  • Once you enter your information onto the page (seen below) titled “Creating Your Case is as Simple as 1 – 2 – 3,” click Confirm. That will take you to the next page (pictured below) where on the upper-left-hand side there will be two tabs, one titled Details and one titled Related. Click on the Related tab to add attachments by either using the drag & drop functionality of the Attachments section, or simply click on the Upload Files button. Lastly, you can attach a document by making a comment in the field that says “Write a comment.” At the bottom of that field is a toolbar with a paperclip. You can click on the paperclip and upload your attachment.  
    • When your attachment is a screenshot, ALWAYS make sure that it is a full-size screen screenshot. Please DO NOT crop the screenshot so it only shows the error message, pop-up, or schedule—give us the whole thing, please.

By spending the time needed to send us a detailed request, it substantially decreases the time it takes to resolve your issue.  

Here are the key areas of the support request creation process:

  1. Preconfigured drop-down fields
  2. Free text Subject and Description fields
  3. Adding attachments

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