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Percent Rent Management. Made Easy.

Percent Rent Management. Made Easy.

CoStar Real Estate Manager automatically calculates, processes and reconciles percent rent – saving you time and money.

Complex percent rent calculations can be a constant struggle for retailers and restaurant companies. Manual processes cause errors in payments and consume a tremendous amount of staff hours.  With CoStar Real Estate Manager retail edition, you can proactively manage critical dates and dollars for stores and restaurants.

  • Accurately perform percentage rent calculations
  • Automatically generate multiple breakpoint schedules
  • Interface with existing POS and accounting systems
  • Set and calculate period and lease year minimums and maximums

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Eliminate the complexity of managing the entire retail and restaurant real estate lifecycle.

As an integral component of CoStar Real Estate Manager retail edition, enhanced percent rent functionality accommodates complex percent rent scenarios and can interface with your point of sale (POS) and accounting systems. This system accurately calculates and fulfills your percentage rent obligations and accounting tasks for all negotiated exclusions, breakpoints and sales categories.

CoStar Real Estate Manager organizes and displays all critical information related to percent rent, such as lease terms and calculations, in one place and in the same system. This presentation gives you the complete view you need to make informed business decisions related to your overall strategic goals, such as assessing the profitability of specific locations.




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