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Monitor and Streamline Your Real Estate Transaction Processes

Monitor and Streamline Your Real Estate Transaction Processes

CoStar Real Estate Manager Transaction Manager is a simple, secure, and easy-to-use software tool designed to provide customers with transparency into transaction work being performed by third-party service providers and internal staff. Transaction Manager helps customers:

  • Obtain transparency into real estate deals
  • Drive service provider performance and improve broker results
  • Improve lease terms, conditions and rates
  • Increase flexibility to rapidly respond to changing market conditions

Specifically, Transaction Manager streamlines the acquisition, financing and disposition of key real estate assets by:

  • Tracking all relevant transaction details
  • Using pre-assigned roles and automated critical task reminders
  • Performing side-by-side comparisons of multiple sites and deals
  • Offering online, email-based approvals, with override capability
  • Integrating with other systems to leverage data
  • Including integrated customer relationship management and electronic document management functionality

Transaction Manager from CoStar Real Estate Manager is widely used by corporate real estate departments, commercial real estate providers, brokers, landlords, leasing agency – anyone who needs to track the site selection and/or lease management process.




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