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Streamlined Express Charge Entry Delivers Time and Cost Savings to Customers

Streamlined Express Charge Entry Delivers Time and Cost Savings to Customers

CoStar Real Estate Manager speeds customer’s ability to work with lease-based charges

Real estate departments that utilize advanced financial functionality need to significantly improve their ability to work with lease-based charges. This work can involve complex abstracting tasks that are typically extremely time-intensive (especially for long-term leases) and can be a source of data entry errors.  CoStar Real Estate Manager has solved these problems with express charge entry features that enable users to make entries easily, quickly and accurately.  To view these features, click here.

Advanced financial functionality for leases. Made easy.

To reduce costs for your company, you need to effectively manage all of your real estate information – including accounting requirements of you real estate department. CoStar Real Estate Manager contains advanced financial functionality that bridges the gap between your ERP/Accounting system and the lease administration and accounting needs of the real estate department.

The advanced functionality of CoStar Real Estate Manager allows for entry of lease charges for both payable and receivable leases, processes payable charges for payment, creates invoices for receivable charges, posts cash receipts and allows for transfer of data to a corporate accounting system.

As a result, your company gains overall cost savings and improved strategic decisions due to:

  • One-source visibility into relevant real estate accounting information
  • Increased efficiencies and data accuracy
  • Assurance of positive audit outcomes



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