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Retailers Improve Store Delivery With Bid Management Solution

Retailers Improve Store Delivery With Bid Management Solution

The project management module of CoStar Real Estate Manager contains bid management functionality that helps retailers develop and open stores faster.

Powerful administrative features of the software give you complete control over building your own webpages that contain the customized information to which you need solicited vendors to respond.  Solicitations, responses and inquiries are handled completely on-line by you and your participating vendors.  All information exchanges become a matter of record ensuring a streamlined, secure, accurate and documented process.

Automated start-to-finish management of store build-outs helps get your revenue flowing quickly

  • Build customized web page templates
  • Assign rights to internal users and groups
  • Assign projects to the list of approved contractors
  • On-line question and answer interaction between contractors and project managers

To view the full list of available functionalities, click here.

No more emails! Execute, control and manage bid requests completely on-line!

Stop relying on the exchange of multitudes of emails and document attachments with vendors to secure store construction bids. This archaic method of project management is not only extremely cumbersome and time consuming, but can cause errors in vendor selection that can be costly to your company.

With bid management from CoStar Real Estate Manager, you can finally establish a standardized procurement process that is easy for both you and your vendors to use. You’ll increase the accuracy and efficiency of your store build-out projects letting you focus on getting stores opened faster, instead of managing lots of communications with vendors.



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